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History continues

The Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem has a new head. On 6 January 2015, while Christians in the East celebrate the Nativity and in the West the Epiphany, the Grand Magistry elected HRH Prince Sixte-Henry de Bourbon-Parme GCLJ as Administrator General. His Royal Highness has actively supported the Order for over a decade and, having been appointed Grand Prior of France in 2014, he is now a candidate for election as the 50th Grand Master at the next Chapter General.


Over the centuries and in accordance with chivalric tradition, many Bourbon princes have either given their royal protection or been elected to lead the knights and dames of Saint Lazarus. The heritage of Prince Sixte-Henry connects him principally to France, Spain and Italy, which happen to be the dominant countries in our noble history.


As the magistral seat of the Order was restored in 2012 to its original home in the Holy City of Jerusalem, the election of the next Grand Master will be followed by his ceremonial installation there, for the first time in over eight centuries. The Grand Master is the supreme head of the Order and pending his election the Administrator General exercises his functions of promoting the threefold vocation of ecumenical spirituality, unostentatious charity and the traditions of Christian chivalry.


It is expected that the 50th Grand Master will also rekindle efforts to heal some of the historical conflicts that have arisen between knights in both ancient and modern times by calling them back to Jerusalem, remembering that the Lord who wore a crown of thorns there continually calls those who would follow him to conversion, reconciliation and unity. Links of cooperation forged in the Holy Land can only be an enduring inspiration to those who are truly committed to charity and the defence of traditional Christian values in our troubled world.