Convocation for an extraordinary Chapter General by the Grand Capitular

In the name of God, the Virgin Mary and Saint Lazarus


13 April 2020


Your Excellencies,

Dear Confrères and Consœurs


In accordance with article 24 of the Constitutional Charter of the Military and Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem, with this official notification I hereby convoke an extraordinary Chapter General of the Knights, Dames and Senior Chaplains of the Order to meet at the Domus Sancti Lazari in Jerusalem on Tuesday 13 October 2020, feast day of Blessed Gerard Tenque, our first Grand Master.


The coronavirus pandemic has greatly disrupted the lives of everyone. As mentioned in the recent letter of the Grand Master, members of the Order will surely be playing their part in caring for others in particular need. But we have also become increasingly aware of the fragility of our own situation. To face the future with confidence and human resources, there is now a pressing need for nominations for the successor to our Grand Master and proposals for individuals who will assist him in leadership roles as Grand Officers.


The 51st Grand Master will be a member of a royal or major noble family, aged under 75 and in good standing with his Church. Detailed specifications for the roles of Grand Officers may be requested from the Grand Chancery. Participants in the Chapter General may vote if they and their national jurisdiction are duly confirmed as being in good standing. The electoral roll will be drawn up at the end of May 2020.


To facilitate the process, you are kindly requested to give consideration to suitable names and proposals of candidates and to inform the Grand Chancery of them by the end of August. Queries may be submitted either in writing to the Grand Chancery or by telephone to +49 774 285 800. Further details on the Chapter General will follow nearer the time.


With confraternal best wishes as we celebrate the Lord’s resurrection in Jerusalem.


Grand Capitular
Grand Magistral Delegate for Great Britain
Chev Aaron Kiely GCLJ GCMLJ