A City Filled with Safe Homes

A core mission for Saint Lazare International, a nonprofit organization, is the protection of the Old City of Jerusalem. The city’s architecture and buildings are formed by ‘living stones’ and are precious to all different spiritual communities.


Communities in the Old City of Jerusalem regularly experience damage to their environment, live with ongoing violence, and endure disrespect.


As a result, people of faith struggle to lead ordinary lives and practice their religion peacefully in the Holy Land. Amid the daily conflict, Jerusalem must try to maintain its equilibrium and provide security for all its residents, visitors, and buildings.




Saint Lazare International wishes to help protect the spiritual communities in Jerusalem and in the Holy Land; help protect the cultural assets; and to become an inspiration for those people living in Jerusalem and the Holy Land by establishing a safe environment for the citizens.


Join us in our efforts!


Be part of group of people who lead with respect and care for the precious shrines of faith and homes of the citizens. Help us to implement a new code of conduct for Jerusalem based on solid fact!


Everyone Can Make a Difference

The humanitarian and charitable activities of Saint Lazare International
are possible thanks to the generous contributions of volunteers, sponsorships, and donations.


Saint Lazare International,
Maronite Convent Street, Jaffa Gate 12
IL-9712039 Jerusalem
Tel. +972 2372 4135, e-mail: info(at)saint-lazare.org


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