Micro Transportation in Jerusalem

Every Year thousands of pilgrims journey to the City of Jerusalem. Many of these visitors are handicapped and experience reduced mobility. Saint Lazare International began a transportation service so these visitors can enjoy many places of historical interest and pilgrimage sites that were not accessible before.


The service is available for Jerusalemites free of cost allowing more than 500 handicapped and elderly people with reduced mobility to visit historically and spiritually significant sites. Local patrons and pilgrims from around the world benefit from this service possible with the support of volunteers and donors.


Everyone Can Make a Difference

The humanitarian and charitable activities of Saint Lazare International
are possible thanks to the generous contributions of volunteers, sponsorships, and donations.


Saint Lazare International,
Maronite Convent Street, Jaffa Gate 12
IL-9712039 Jerusalem
Tel. +972 2372 4135, e-mail: info(at)saint-lazare.org


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