Past, present and future in a year of mercy

A providential focus on mercy has this year provided the catalyst for mutual recognition and reconciliation of those who had chosen to follow the Green Cross of Saint Lazarus under differing leadership. Separated since 2004, the Order led by HE the Duc de Brissac, with its historic international seat at Boigny in France, is now united in common purpose with the Order led by HRH Prince Sixte-Henry de Bourbon-Parme, with its magistral seat in Jerusalem.


At a most cordial meeting hosted by the Duc and Duchesse de Brissac in the presence of a number of senior officers, having prayed together and embraced, the 48th and 50th Grand Masters signed and sealed documents officialising this moment of profound significance for their knights, dames and chaplains.


The warm and positive relationship of the leaders, respecting that there were heartfelt disagreements in the past, looks towards a future where all knights of goodwill cooperate for the benefit of those who are sick in body, mind and spirit. An ecumenical pilgrimage to the Holy Land in 2017 will seek the blessing and support of the Patriarchs of the Mother Church of Jerusalem, where the Order began in ancient times.


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